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Is Dry Cleaning Better Than Washing (Laundry) and Why?

As the proverb goes, “clothes make the man” people will always wear attire that makes them feel and look good. Like breathing, clothes are part of the human lifestyle, and there will always be the need to clean them. You do not want to go to a friend’s house, work, party, or any other event with a dirty outfit. Stains are inevitable, but proper cleaning will always remove them. Some clothes also attain odor due to prolonged use. Many people wash their laundry using water and detergents as it do the job; however, the pristine look is never achieved. Many stains are stubborn, and the only possible way to remove them is by dry cleaning. It may cost you, but the time and money you spend on water, electricity, and detergents even out the price. 

Dry Cleaning

The majority of the public believes that dry cleaning is just for fancy clothing, but they are mistaken. Ordinary clothes for common wear also deserve good treatment because psychology says that your mood depends on how you carry yourself. Washing involves water, detergents, personal labor, and dry cleaning uses special chemicals and machines.

Dry cleaning is much better than washing your laundry because of the many factors mentioned below.

Use of Water:

Water is extremely important for life, and wasting it is equivalent to sin. But washing demands buckets of water and dry cleaning, as its name indicates, does not need water at all. During washing, the clothes’ colors also mix; effecting the actual colors of clothes, but dry cleaning encompasses no such problem. Dry cleaning does not only provide you with the benefit of spotless clothes, but it is also environment friendly!

Stain and Odor Removal:

Washing and dry cleaning both are effective, but the deep sturdy stains such as grease and oil stains can only be removed by a dry cleaner. Some clothes also contain a strong odor that only dry cleaning can wash off. The detergents are very gentle, and light gives the garments a lovely fresh smell, unlike the surfs and soaps used in laundry washing.

Drying the Clothes:

In old school washing, the clothes are dried with force by hands, or they are carelessly tumbled in a spinning machine. This leads to shrinking or stretching of the clothes making the owner have unfitted outfits that once fit perfectly. However, a special machine is used in dry cleaning that ensures that the material remains the same size as it was before.

Fabric Type:

Washing does not apply to all types of fabric. Many cloth materials are sensitive to the temperature of the water and the type of detergent. Quilts, curtains, and blankets are heavy; thus, they can also burden the washer. But dry cleaning is possible on all types of fabric, which makes it an amazing method. It does not crumple, shrink, or discolor the fabric. The texture of the cloth material and the sturdiness of heavy cloth remain unaffected.

High-quality Fabrics:

High-quality fabrics like silk, leather, cashmere, cotton, georgette, chiffon, etc., are just as sensitive as they are special. Washing them could end up in a disaster because they demand extra care when it comes to handling. Dry cleaning treats these high-quality fabrics exactly how they deserve it. None of them gets damaged during the cleaning process, and the customer always ends up with crisp clothes as good as new.

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