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Address: Bedian Rd, Heir, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Phone: +923054120367 or +923041110087

Time: 9:00AM TO 9:00PM

The laundry service available all across Lahore provides the latest machinery for cleaning and drying clothes. This service has highly equipped and trained staff that handles every fabric adequately. Also, they maintain the original colors of the clothes and keep them vibrant. Washing your fabrics frequently with detergent can lead to damage and shrinkage. However, the dry cleaning facility helps preserve the original shade of the material. Also, it maintains the size of the clothes. This service is also available for every Lahore resident. People living near Bedian Rd can get their laundry done at low rates and top-notch service. The residential area of Sharifpura, Heir, Lahore, and Bedian Road, Heir Lahore, also has access to this facility. The dry cleaners in Lahore carefully clean the clothes. Besides, they package them for the best customer experience. Also, this facility is perfect for all households available at reasonable rates. Feel free to contact the cleaners to save your time and energy on laundry. So, you can enjoy more family time and get rid of the worries of washing your clothes every other day.