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Address: Mustafa Abad, Kasur

Phone: 03062362766 or 03041110087

Time: 9:00AM TO 9:00PM

A laundry service is a perfect resort for those who do not find the time to wash their clothes every other day. Also, cleaning the delicate fabrics in a regular machine can fade the colors and textures. Hence, you can opt for this service to take off the burden and spend that time in a recreational activity. The facility of dry cleaning is available in Mustafa Abad and Kasur, Punjab. Also, the nearby residents of Wadana, Kasur, Punjab can avail of these facilities. People from Lakhneke, Kasur can also contact the Dry Cleaners in Lahore and get fresh laundry at a reasonable rate. Besides, the team of cleaners serves in Pakki Haveli, Kasur, and in Khara, Kasur as well. You can get daily cleaning of your expensive clothes to keep them safe from harsh chemicals. The households in Qadiwind, Kasur, and Naqeeb Abad, Kasur, also reside in the vicinity of this laundry service. So, you do not need to travel to a faraway facility to get your clothes clean and fresh every day. The cleaning service can pick up the clothes from your home and drop them off timely. Hence, you always walk out of your house looking your best.