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Address: Opposite Paragon City Gate # 2, Main Barki Road
Lahore, 53200

Phone: +923244014551 or +923041110087

Time: 9:00AM TO 9:00PM

A laundry service helps preserve your delicate fabrics and keep the embellishments intact. Rough cleaning in a washing machine can destroy the expensive materials and make them appear worn out. Also, it fades the bright colors and they may look splotchy after a few washes. So, you can avail yourself of the laundry facility to maintain the fresh appearance of your clothes. The dry cleaners in Lahore are available in every region. So, the residents of any area can contact this service for thorough and careful cleaning. Also, this facility is available in Paragon City, Lahore, Askari 9, Cantt, and Al-Faisal Town. Besides, it is also available in other regions, including Eden City, Lahore, Green City, and DHA Phase 8. The dry cleaners provide excellent services and ensure customer satisfaction. These cleaners have a professionally trained team that treats every clothing item with delicacy and ensures crisp and clean clothes. People from other regions, such as DHA Phase 8 – Ex Park View, Aziz Bhatti Town, Askari X, and Askari 11, can also get this top-notch facility.