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Address: Tufail Road, Kharas Mohalla, Lahore, 54000

Phone: 03238698341 or 03041110087

Time: 9:00AM TO 9:00PM

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean your expensive clothes without worrying about fading the colors. The chemical detergents available locally have harsh chemicals. These chemicals may ruin the delicate fabrics. Also, it takes much effort to remove the stubborn stains of oil, grease, curry, among many others. A laundry service uses oversized machines that remove these stains carefully. Also, it prevents damage to the colors or fabrics. Besides, these services are available all across Lahore in several regions. The regions include Askari 11, Lahore, Askari IX Askari 9, Lahore, Askari I Askari 1, Lahore, and the nearby places. Besides, you can get your clothes cleaned from Cantt, Lahore, Aziz Bhatti Town, Lahore. Also, in Zaman Park, Lahore, and Kumharpura, Lahore. The best dry cleaners in Lahore provide professional services in Ghaziabad, Lahore, CMH Colony, Lahore. They also serve in Ptcl Colony Saddar Town, Lahore, Mustafabad, Lahore, and CMA Colony, Lahore. Also, households from Umar Colony, Lahore, Al-Faisal Town, Lahore, Askari I Askari 1, Lahore, Saddar Town, Lahore, New Officers Colony Lahore, and Bazaz Mohalla Lahore can get these services.