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Why is dry cleaning so expensive?

If you ever thought of dry cleaning your clothes, you probably wondered why are the rates so high? Many people assume that dry cleaning isn’t much different from regular laundry and opting for dry cleaning is a waste of time and money. But there are several reasons that validate the high price. Knowing those reasons will broaden your mind towards dry cleaning.

Expensive Machinery:

The machines for the dry cleaning procedure are specific with a combination of a regular washing machine and a dryer. These machines are very expensive and they consume a hefty amount of electricity to function. The main reason why dry cleaning machinery is more costly is that the components have better quality and are expensive to replace. The owner also has to pay the bills while gaining good profit from his income.

The Detergents:

Detergents and chemicals used in dry cleaning are special, making them costlier than everyday use detergent. They have a higher tendency to remove sturdy stains. Each type of clothing requires a specific solvent and only an experienced dry cleaner knows how to treat your clothes right.

Service out of Courtesy:

The dry cleaner companies usually provide the customer with complimentary services. These include pressing the clothes, placing the clothes inside special packaging with hangers, and sometimes adding missing buttons on the clothes. All these services are done out of courtesy to provide comfort to the customer. As they require the precious time of the cleaner, the charges are added to the bill.

The Staff Cost:

Usually, dry cleaning involves an entire team of workers that are specially trained. The owner trains them first and it requires time, money and extra equipment. The staff does labor everyday to perfectly dry clean the garments. As the employer has to pay the staff their monthly salary, the money is obtained from the bills of clients.

Waste Disposal:

The dry cleaning procedure yields abundant amount of waste. The waste isn’t simply dumped off in a trash can but it requires special treatment as most of it is liquid. A special drainage system is installed in the building where dry cleaning occurs. Seeing things from the owner’s perspective, he has to gain profit from what he invested and the expensive bill makes sense.

Dry cleaning surprisingly saves you money!

Fancy clothes are delicate and people seldom wear them in the fear of damage. But dry cleaning actually makes them last longer. All the stains are eliminated which gives the piece of clothing a new look for a long time. You look professional in your workplace outfit. And you probably don’t realize it, but home-based washing costs you a lot too. The water used, the labor, the time and effort spent, the cost of detergent to the use of electricity for washing machine, all add up to a lot of cash if you think about it. Yet the results are not 100% because the tough stains still remain. Hopefully, this will make you understand why dry cleaning is so expensive.

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